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Atomic, Molecular and Optical Sciences Soft X-ray Chemical Dynamics
T. Weber and A. Belkacem with T. E. Glover and R. Falcone O. Gessner, S. Leone and D. Neumark

Applies high-intensity HHG Source and the new femtosecond beamline of the ALS to problems in AMO physics.

Applies high repetition rate high harmonic source to problems in chemical dynamics.

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Condensed Phase Chemistry Theroy and Computation
R. Schoenlein with R. Falcone M. Head-Gordon, C. W. McCurdy with T. N. Rescigno

Applies a new Ultra-fast X-ray Science facility at the Advanced Light Source to experiments in condensed phase molecular dynamics.

Computational theory of molecular electronic excited states and of femtosecond and subfemtosecond molecular and electron dynamics.